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What you can expect as a client:

Examination of the property which includes soil testing that is included in the consulting fee.

Upon each visit, you will receive a written report listing improvements and any problems found and what needs to be done to rectify such. The report will detail application rates and amounts of chemicals/fertilizers to reach desired goals.

Clients can enjoy unlimited emails and phone calls to Dan with questions or concerns.

Because Dan is NOT affiliated with any chemical, fertilizer or any other companies, he can help you efficiently manage your turf to maximize your budget! He shops for prices and whatever is best for YOU is what is recommended.

He will help calibrate your equipment if needed and create a detailed schedule specifically for your needs.

Please call with any questions, and we would love to meet with you at your convenience! Talk to you soon!

Service Title

I have worked specifically in the high end sports turf industry since 1994. I am a Class A golf course superintendent and I started my own turf consulting business, Equine Turf, about 3 years ago.

I specialize in in Sports fields, horse tracks, equine dressage arenas and golf courses, but I enjoy helping those with properties of all sizes.